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Moviemad: Chhichore is an incredible film which is based on college History of a students father who is going to suicide when getting pressure on his Education. Moviemad Leaks Downloadable link on Moviemad Website. Follow these links for Moviemad Websites.Chhichhore Movie Available on Moviemad




Chhichhore Movie Available on Moviemad

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10
Genre: Drama
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Release Date: 6 September 2019 (India)
Star Cast: Sharaddha kapoor, Sushant singh Rajpoot, Varun sharma.

Movie Story: Movie is based On A college Life story It is Normal Picture from Bollywood. Nitesh Tiwari directs this film In this Movie When sushant singh rajpoot son get sucide after then he got the hospital then sushant singh rajpoot told his college life story to his son.

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                     Chhichore Review by moviemad 

Don’t worry if you don’t get associate A+ in maths, kids. you’re over your successes in life, and over your failures.
That’s the blandly sweet message of the Hindi show “Chhichhore,” that strains to be associate sacred comedy tear-jerker (Bollywood-wise, an inexpensive genre) however largely appears programmatic timid. Chhichhore Movie Available on Moviemad
Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, “Chhichhore” toggles between the Nineteen Nineties and also the gift. Back then, a gaggle of friends, adorable losers all, were students at the National faculty of Technology Mumbai. Now, in contemporary urban center, a young boy, Raghav — the son of 1 of these students — fights for his life in associate medical care unit.
Raghav’s father, Anirudh (Sushant Singh Hindu, with a nasty faux beard and colourless hair within the contemporary sequences), a compulsive bourgeois of some unspecified type, is that the terribly image of recent Indian success. He incorporates a high-rise housing, sleek garments, a elaborate automobile. But, the show suggests, he has shut himself off emotionally; he’s single and has hassle connecting from Raghav, who’s a nervous wreck (and then worse) thanks to exams and pressure to succeed.
Tiwari’s last film, “Dangal” (2016), was successful with critics and audiences alike. (It remains the very best grossing Indian show of all time.) In “Chhichhore,” he shows a fluid visual vogue and a fascinating if aflicker sense of realism that sets up expectations the show doesn’t fulfill. an enormous downside is that the central character: Anirudh ne’er feels like over a standard-issue stiff UN agency bobs on trying upset because the script injects yet one more scene of the doctor delivering constant unhealthy news: Raghav’s condition isn’t up.Chhichhore Movie Available on Moviemad
The minor characters are one-dimensional, however that appears to be designedly. every faculty pal has been assigned one attribute and a nickname to travel with it: Sexa collects Playboys; Mummy could be a mama’s boy; Acid can’t stop verbalise. they assist bring the faculty scenes, the movie’s strongest half, to life.
A main lesson of “Chhichhore” is that attempting laborious is its own reward. a way that Hindi movies have historically tried laborious is in their maximalism: tears, laughter, more tears, and, of course, singing and saltation. “Chhichhore” goes lightweight on the musical numbers with simply many song montages. Dance — Spanish-inflected for a few reason — comes in barely at the top over the credits, too late to grant the show the giddy jolt it desires.Chhichhore Movie Available on Moviemad




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